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Thank you for looking into what we are ‘About’. IMP was started out of disgust! So what does that mean? We founded IMP because we were meeting business owners who were paying money for Online Digital Marketing services and not getting results. When we began to do forensic analysis we were disgusted at finding how these business owners were being taken advantage of! They were being over charged and under served! So we began to offer complete online digital marketing services that would exceed our clients expecations while containing or reducing their monthly retainers! As a result, all of our clients have been through referral and word of mouth!

Today we are on a mission to help 1,000 business owners get their Online Marketing right!


Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Your Needs!

We don’t take a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Every client is at a different place in the growth of their business and Online Digital journey. Every market and niche has a different level of competition to evaluate. Our approach is to learn about your business, your needs, what your goals are and then do forensic analysis on your current Online Digital situation as well as performing a comprehensive audit of your competitors to understand exactly why they are out performing you and what we need to do in order to win for you!

Our Awesome Team

Ken Sullender

Ken Sullender

President & CEO

Jennifer May

Jennifer May

Project Manager

Sonica Sana

Sonica Sana

Analytics Expert

Marine Garrix

Marine Garrix

Head of Sales

Our Values

Our core principles are to treat your business like we would if it were our business. The recommendations and management of your budget and financial investment is treated as if it were our business and our marketing budget.


We are completely transparent in the work we perform. You will have access to all reporting and log in credentialing for all your digital accounts.

No Contracts

We do not believe in contracts that keep you bound to a company you are not satisfied with. You will have a scope of work that we will perform. But at any time if you are not satisfied you are free to move to another service provider with a written 30 day notice.

Tracking New Clients

In addition to providing reporting, we look to track money you have invested in your digital online marketing to an actual new client. Just increasing call volume or web traffic isn’t enough, we need to know that those gains have resulted in new business for you.

What We Do Best

Website Design



Social Media

Reputation Management

Local SEO/Maps

Voice Search

Design Services

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